Gun Stories Presented by MidwayUSA

7 Season(s)

Gun Stories shows a firearm's history, from the design through its use on the range, making this the definitive collection on the history of firearms.

The Best Defense

10 Season(s)

The Best Defense teaches self-defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness, and features self-defense product reviews.

Shooting USA

6 Season(s)

Jim Scoutten, America's most watched firearms reporter, brings the stories of the shooting sports and the firearms industry on Shooting USA.

Guns & Ammo

6 Season(s)

Has the most exclusive reviews on firearms, ammo & optics; covers all aspects of tactical & firearms, ammo, optics, accessories & training techniques.

2017 NRA Product Showcase

See new products featured at this year's NRA in Atlanta, GA.

MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire

2 Season(s)

History's greatest weapons, from two different eras, battle it out for supremacy in the all-new MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire!

Impossible Shots

4 Season(s)

Impossible Shots provides entertainment and amazement, as the world's best professional Exhibition Shooters demonstrate their skills, performing shots that seem impossible.

Safe Haven

1 Season(s)

Katie Pavlich looks at the history of gun free zones and their effect on crime prevention in Safe Haven.

Choose Your Weapon

3 Season(s)

Choose Your Weapon is about exploring the extremes and pushing the boundaries of equipment, methods, and disciplines to help hunters discover the right weapon for the right job.

Shooting Gallery

11 Season(s)

Shooting Gallery is cutting edge television for real shooters - whether they are collectors, competitors, hunters or carry for self-defense.

Personal Defense TV

2 Season(s)

Richard Nance, leads a cast of top-flight firearms and tactics instructors, who deliver cutting-edge techniques to keep you and your loved ones safe.